Rug Repair & Restoration

We can repair ANY type of damage to your rug!

We offer a full range of repair services that can cover all types of damages. Armed with years of experience, we take into consideration the type of rug, it’s monetary value, as well as its sentimental worth before deciding which repair would best be fit for your rug. Our museum quality workmanship enables us to provide a full range of repair services. And, most importantly, we do everything by hand!

Our weavers have extensive knowledge in repairing Persian, Silk, Chinese, Kilims, Caucasian, Moroccan, Navajo, Shag, machine made rugs and everything in between. Usually, there are many methods of rug restoration. We can help you find the best option for your rug type and budget:

  • Re-Fringe: Replace with new fringe, sewing fringe by hand.
  • Rug Binding: fix loose binding
  • Re-Weaving: Holes, mildew, moth damage
  • Chain Stitch: Stopping rug from unraveiling at the end
  • Moth Damage Repair
  • Patching

The life of your rug can be extended!
All our work is done by hand. We can reweave the fringe on your rug, add new fringe and chain stitch the ends of your rug.

The look and feel of your rug and be enhanced by the type of binding you want:

  • Singe Edge Weaving
  • Double Edge Weaving
  • Triple Edge Weaving
  • Quadruple Edge Weaving

Areas we see and repair often is damage caused by:

  • Rugs Damaged by Moths
  • Worn Spot Rug Damage
  • Rug Holes with no foundation
  • Holes with patch work