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We clean rugs the old-fashioned way—we use eco-friendly, all-natural soaps with no harsh chemicals. Our unique ability to restore and repair any and all damaged pieces has been perfected by generations of craftsmanship. 

Why Choose US?

Founded in 1956, Zeytounian Rugs originated in Beirut, Lebanon. Our late father, Nicholas Zeytounian, first got his start cleaning and repairing precious rugs and tapestries under the strict supervision of his grandfather, a third generation rug craftsman. Equipped with generations of knowledge, our father immigrated to the United States to continue his family’s legacy. That legacy continues today with us, his twin sons Alexander and Anthony Zeytounian. Having grown up in our father’s rug shop, our passion for rugs has been engrained in us. After graduating from San Diego State University, we took over the family business to continue that legacy.  

Zeytounian Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair

Want to extend the life of your rugs?

From dirt, dust, and other allergens to bacteria and odors, a lot of foul stuff can be trapped in the fibers of rugs compromising its structural integrity and color vibrancy. Although regular vacuuming can help with some of this, only a professional can assure your rug is thoroughly cleaned. A well-maintained rug can last a century or more!

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